35006 Locomotive Company Ltd.


Owner and operator of

ex Southern Railway Merchant Navy No.35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co.

Over the years the Society has had a large number of fundraising initiatives:

Sponsor A Tube, Grate Appeal, Fill the Tender, Make Steam etc.

The latest fund raising campaign was:

Sponsor A Spring

This campaign was to buy 6 new driving wheel springs for the loco as the existing springs are refurbished originals and are reaching the end of their life!
The campaign was very successful. The springs have now been purchased and will be fitted to the loco when time permits, probably in the 20/21 winter period.

Another method of Fundraising we would be grateful for you to consider is:


Leaving a gift in your will.


Funding Operational Merchant Navy Class Locomotive No. 35006

For the Longer-Term

35006 steamed after more than 30 years in restoration, taking a rusting hulk and turning it into a live, running, impressive and successful locomotive.

That massive effort required both volunteer dedication to painstaking tasks and the necessary funding for parts and professional labour brought in for the specialised tasks essential in the long-running restoration.

The engine should have a useful life for many more years to come and it will need new income streams to achieve this. Nothing runs smoothly in recommissioning steam locomotives – you only have to look at the experience of many other Bulleids in preservation which have run for a while and then faded from view for lack of funds.

The ambition we have for 35006 is for it to be not only a successful engine in revenue service on the GWSR, and hopefully elsewhere from time to time, but for it to be a well-managed engine for the longer-term with the level of funding necessary to achieve this and especially to finance interim and full overhauls in due course. Successful running in revenue service on heritage railways rarely provides sufficient funding for those major overhauls.

Now, the 35006 supporters do not have in their midst a generous benefactor with millions at his or her disposal (at least not to our knowledge) but we have a sizeable group of some 300+ enthusiasts and well-wishers who have put their faith in the project and contributed as they can to shares and special promotions raising over 30 years well over £400,000.


But there is another funding method to add – legacies. A legacy made out for us in 2011 allowed us sufficient funds for the completion of the restoration of 35006 within a reasonable time. Others have followed and have made welcome contributions to keeping 35006 running as well as funding the purchase of key components in reserve for potential breakdowns.

More legacies in the future could help us build a fund for necessary running repairs under the current boiler ticket and more vitally the eventual full and very expensive overhaul when that ticket expires.

We therefore invite as many of you as possible to consider thinking of 35006 in your Will. A legacy in favour of 35006 of whatever amount you can manage is a thoughtful and lasting gesture to something important to all of us.

The formula is straightforward: all you need to write in your Will is a section to this effect –


I GIVE the sum of £...........................

FREE OF DUTY to the organisation restoring and operating Merchant Navy 35006 known as THE 35006 LOCOMOTIVE CO. LTD.

(Registered Company Number 01762406) Registered Address:

9 The Orchards, Walwyn Road, Colwall, Malvern, Worcestershire,United Kingdom, WR13 6JZ

NB: legal advice is that Wills for the over 60s should be reviewed annually


We will be having further fundraising drives which will be advertised here,

so please visit regularly.