35006 Locomotive Company Ltd.


Owner and operator of

ex Southern Railway Merchant Navy No.35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co.

Hopefully, here are some useful links:

for the GWSR,

for other locomotives at the GWSR,

 Railways where you might see Bulleid locomotives

and some other relevant sites




GWSR Toddington Main site: https://www.gwsr.com/



GWSR Loco Rosters: https://www.gwsr.com/facilities/locomotive-roster



Cotswold Steam Preservation Ltd - 2807: https://www.facebook.com/GWR2807



GWR 2807: www.GWR2807.co.uk



Dinmore Manor: www.dinmoremanor.co.uk



The 2874 Trust: https://www.2874trust.org/



Foremarke Hall: www.7903foremarkehall.co.uk



Bulleid Society: https://www.bulleidsociety.org/



Southern Locomotives (Swanage): http://www.southern-locomotives.co.uk/



General Steam Navigation 35011: https://www.35011gsn.co.uk/



Clan Line 35028: https://www.clan-line.org.uk/



Battle of Britain Loco Society: http://www.92squadron.co.uk/



Boscastle Loco Ltd.: http://www.boscastleloco.co.uk/



Wadebridge 34007: http://www.34007wadebridge.uk/



Mid Hants Railway: https://www.watercressline.co.uk/



Severn Valley Railway: https://www.svr.co.uk/



West Somerset Railway: https://www.west-somerset-railway.co.uk/



Swanage Railway: https://www.swanagerailway.co.uk/



Bluebell Railway: https://www.bluebell-railway.com/



Great Central Railway: www.gcrailway.co.uk



East Lancs Railway: www.eastlancsrailway.org.uk



North York Moors Railway: https://www.nymr.co.uk/



Heritage Railway Association: https://www.hra.uk.com/



Jack Boskett - Photographer: https://www.jackboskett.co.uk/